My boyfriend of 1.3 years does not like his job/boss and has been applying and interviewing for other firms.

Sometimes there will be weeks in which he gchats me about how bad his day is going because of his boss. He had a particularly bad week, and I felt bad and tried to stay positive for him and remind him of all the good stuff to look forward to when I get home next month (I have been deployed since Dec).

The last couple weeks he hasn't been venting, so I just assumed his boss eased up or he just got used to it. Then, today, he said he is sorry for being short with me (I didn't even notice) this week.

I told him not to bottle it up and vent to me. Isn't that my job, to help de-stress my man? Yeah, his stress does rub off on me, but I want to be there for him when he needs to rant.

How do you guys deal with your SO when they are venting about work?

UPDATE: Today was a pretty bad day for him. We started Facetiming and he was really quiet and looked agitated. He sort of got snappy at me but caught himself instantly and said I don't deserve that. I told him I understand, and asked what can I do to help, but he just said nothing because I am deployed :( Fortunately, his mood improved after he relaxed on the couch with the dog for a bit and we had a MUCH BETTER FaceTime. He was being goofy and happy. He apologized again for being crabby at the end.

I just gotta bear through his bad days with him I guess.