This is the first of 8 parts (you'll usually see the next in the suggested videos so you can keep going) of a DVD made by Trinny and Susanah, two british ladies who had a fashion show called "What not to wear", a common style makeover show.

They made this DVD as a learning/reference resource and someone was kind enough to put it up. Every video discusses a different body part (legs, arms, tummy, etc) and show themselves in the good and bad clothes, explaining everything along the way.

Of course a big part of your looks is being in shape but knowing how to dress that shape is also incredubly halpful to look your best! If you're not lucky enough to know how to do this "on instinct" (I don't), these videos can show on regular women's bodies (two brit ladies in their 40s at time of filming: one very skinny with a "long butt" and one with big boobs and arms but skinny legs) how various styles look so you can pick and choose what will look good on you

Also, they're pretty entertaining, from their british accent to the incredibly dated trends on the outfits. But the advice is solid!

To get discussion rolling: how did you learn/are you learning about what cuts/colors look good on you and what looks terrible? Were you blessed with a fashionable instinct? Do you have similar resources you'd like to share?