Women I'm curious about your views on some issues and hopefully provide you some insight that will help you as well.

A number of posts in TRP discuss the success participants are achieving as a result of applying RP perspectives. In part, a number of posters and commenters are surprised at how easily these achievements are made and how quickly success ensues. It is suggested that this is because of the complete absence of any true masculinity. By comparison, any masculinity stands out and is very attractive. There simply is no competition. My first question is, does this seem accurate to you? How often do you come across real masculinity?

Second, might the inverse be true as well? How common is true femininity? As I consider my experiences, I see that it is almost completely absent. A crucial example is in the ability to attract a partner as opposed to a hook up.

I wonder if designating a girl as a "slut" was not only a way for women to police themselves, might it also not have been a warning to other women about the results of such actions? I have personally had to explain to several women throughout the years that yes, some woman is attracting a lot of attention, but she won't keep any of it. She will get pumped and dumped.The girls are always surprised that I can call it ahead of time. They have no idea of the signals they are sending out.

Women have fitness tests for men to weed out weak contenders. It stands to reason men do as well. Women typically screen for elite male characteristics. Men screen for the corresponding female traits. An example of both in action is in attracting and initiating sex.

Men start the exchange. A man has to learn to broadcast his fitness to be a mate. He does this by physical indicators of his strength, his capacity to produce resources, his social network and his social acumen. It is designed to be an open invitation. All women are free to evaluate and respond. Some will be interested some won't. The level and number of interested women gives the man feedback as to his attractiveness and can be a great motivator for him to improve.

Women, in turn, need to vie for his attention. Though the male's sexual attraction is what they need to achieve, how a woman does so is important and dictates whether she will be viewed as a hook up or a potential LTR. (TRP advocates that how a man makes his initial broadcast will dictate hoe women see him: A) an alpha, B) a provider, or C) a mix which is the most desirable. Once a woman has made her determination she will not readily let him be anything else.) Like women who have two sexual strategies that can be combined, AF/BB, men also have two strategies, wide broadcasting of his "seed" and monogam[ish] commitment. A woman's approach dictates which path he'll take and once he's determined he won't readily let her switch roles.

As women (subconsciously or not) screen for a man's capacity to provide male traits, so men likewise screen for a woman's capacity to provide female traits. Men are strong, women are socially intuitive. A "strong" woman is one that can effectively communicate without overt words or actions. She understands what is going on in other people's minds and she knows how to affect those processes, all without anything being said or done overtly. How she attracts the man will determine how he sees her.

If she attracts a man through overtly sexual conversation and by wearing revealing clothes, she is marking herself as a "weak" woman. She is as much as admitting that she does not have the capacity to attract him through strictly female means, such as suggestion and influence such as double entendre, suggestive body language and clothing (as opposed to overtly sexual clothing and body language) subtle looks and the like. Also, the male will understand that she is making a broadcast as well. Having her tits out in public will garner the attention of all nearby males. He can't know if that was her intent or not. Is she interested in him, or anyone? Is she aware of what she's doing or not? What he can and will know is that everyman has now marked her as available for sex.

Women who can attract men without overt sexual presentation have the necessary female traits to be good investment for commitment-if that's what he's looking for. It also benefits women by screening out men who lack even the basic social skills to pick up her communications or who are only looking for easy no commitment hook ups.

It also feeds directly into the issue of who initiates sex. I have found that most women have a deep aversion to initiating sex. They just want to be "taken," in a non-rapey way. This is further fitness testing. A man who cannot initiate is likely in one of several situations that are very undesirable from a woman's perspective: A) he isn't interested in her, but not likely to turn down a free "meal" that's delivered to him on a platter, B) he lacks the social acumen to pick up the hints, C) he's too afraid and weak to initiate, or D) there's another hidden problem, maybe stress or illness or a relationship of which the woman is unaware but is exerting heavy influence on him. It also has fitness testing benefits for men. Initiating sex shouldn't be an issue. If she is successfully suggestive and he is receptive, the only issue should be whether or not she says no. She should be able to incite his desires to the point he has difficulty thinking of anything else.

This creates a very important feedback loop for both parties. The man knows/subconsciously understands he's achieved success when he is in this situation and he is receiving the highest validation-he has induced a quality woman to bring her whole arsenal to bear in obtaining him. It also lets him know when his game has dropped. When he no longer inspires this reaction in her, he needs to evaluate himself. This also validates a woman, she knows she has a man who possesses all of the traits necessary for good long term partner. it also gives her feed back. When she can no longer induce him to these results, she needs to understand she's either dropped her game or there is significant outside interference.

Lastly, subtle inducement of male desire can play an important role in giving women leverage in the interaction and nuanced information about his real success with women. Assuming she is interacting with a healthy male, as opposed to a sex starved male or one who is otherwise out of control and desperate for sex, she should be able to gauge and directly influence his level of sexual desire to varying degrees.

For comparison, a man will react to an exposed breast in an all or nothing manner. It will either turn him on or not. Once exposed, the result is the same whether she keeps them exposed or not. How she exposes them or what she does with them while exposed is only minimally influential. The communication has been made the result achieved and that's it. There is nothing subtle about it. Suggestion on the other hand can be much more subtle and nuanced. You can interest or intrigue him. Tease him with vague thoughts and build or bank the fire as you want. It provides a women with a lot of control and capacity to truly measure a man. On the other hand, if he's spent his whole evening with your tits in his face, you can only expect one outcome.

I say all of that to say, though I understand the possibilities for this type of interaction and it seems to fall in line with old models of male/female interaction, I've never experienced it to any great degree first hand. Women seem to expect men to just want sex at the drop of a hat and believe that flashing their tits is all they need to do to get it. I wonder what I'd do if I met a truly seductive woman.


Edit--I'm male