I have a friend. She had a really shitty upbringing, with no values taught to her (how could her parents teach her anything without themselves being hypocrites or confessing their own inadequacies). On top of that, without going into details, she was abused by those people 'close' to her, and thus subconsciously sought these traits in the men she found 'attractive'. She is now 31 and has a string of pump and dumps in her past, which include giving guys hand jobs in class, one night stands in alleyways, blowjobs in public, fucking 3 guys in the space of 24 hours, e.t.c.

Her life is a mess, and it never even occurred to her (consciously) until she met me.

I feel bad about just telling her that she can't have her cake and eat it, and so I'm wondering is there any hope for her? What are the steps she must take to ever finding a high quality man who will accept her?

Edit: She has since I brought this to her attention began going to therapy.