I found this sub while lurking and ordered The Surrendered Wife. I started reading it last week, but haven't had time to finish it yet. Unfortunately, I missed the AMA yesterday, so I didn't have the opportunity to ask there.

I'm responsible for all of our personal and business finances. I pay all the bills for both home and business as well as buy anything necessary to keep both running. This hasn't always been the case and it's been a slow progression of giving me more responsibility over our finances. I did not push for the responsibility, but happily accepted it as part of my duty to keep the household up and running as well as supporting my husband's business. I always ask before spending money on anything I would consider non-essential or any large purchases, even if they are essential. I feel like I'm still letting him have the final say and some control this way.

However, within the last few months, he's been asking me if it's okay to spend money on this or that. This wouldn't be highly unusual if it was an extremely large purchase for the business, as he usually runs those by me well before the money is spent, but this has been little things, like taking his crew out to the bar for dinner and a round or two of beer, buying a part for his truck, even filling up his truck after work. These costs are budgeted for each month from our business account. I'm not sure where the sudden lack of confidence is coming from. These past 6 months have been his best so far since starting his own business and he knows this.

Every month, I only take out enough money from the business account to fund the personal account for necessities. Each quarter, we go over expense reports and he decides what to do with business profits. There has been an increase in business spending, but an even bigger increase in business profits.

Is this really a lack of confidence? Am I being dramatic? How do I deal with this?