Me [28] is currently earning double of him [25] in terms of take home income.

Outwardly, he is supportive and seems happy. However, I sense unhappiness in the sense that he is now grousing that he (not we T_T) has no money to get married, that he will not be able to afford to support us etc. Repeated asking leads to him denying and being annoyed...

Some background: When we started dating, I was working and he was finishing his degree. We went dutch on most dates. Vacations were paid upfront by me, and he would pay me back when he could. However, we were much happier and spoke much more happily of the future.

Fast forward to this year, where I was offered a job along with a significant pay increment. The relationship started spiralling downwards. He avoids talk of marriage (we were in the midst of planning for a simple wedding + house purchase) citing he needs to save more money and he doesnt have enough. Planned vacations were cancelled, he said he was busy with work and does not have the time to go on vacations.

I am currently at a crossroad, and I am seriously considering letting this relationship go as it is getting more and more painful with each passing day, as the future we both decided and agreed to work towards seems to get further away.

I was never upset that he earned lesser than me as he is able to provide for himself sufficiently and for all wedding and future preparations, the agreement was to go dutch, or who had more money, can help to cover.

I have no idea why he is acting this way now and I would really appreciate some advice here.

TLDR: Earns more than BF, BF has 360deg change in attitude and seems to be distancing self. Marriage plans breaking down. Is it time to let go?