I am lucky enough to have a sexy, red pill boyfriend who I have always been attracted to. Sadly, he's been going through a rough time at work for several months now. I've been trying to be as supportive as I can, because I want to help and I also know how these things can knock a man's confidence.

Our frequency in the bedroom has decreased, which I totally understand. Unfortunately, he has started to do something which really, really, really turns me off, and I don't know what to do.

It's like his sexual initiative has vanished. The only time we have sex now is when he passively hints, with no warmup, that maybe I could do something, if I want, and then lies there waiting for me to do everything.

This is 180 degrees from our normal sex life, and the opposite of what I find attractive. If I can be totally honest, I find it almost effeminate or coy. Sometimes I will have been looking forward to having sex with him for days, and then this happens and it's like someone threw a bucket of ice water on me. It's like... anti game.

Please help, ladies. Is there a way to gently indicate to him that I am attracted to HIM but I cannot stand this approach? I don't want to think of him this way.

He is game aware and we often chat about male/female relations, society etc.