Hello ladies! Having read a bit around here, and on the red pill page too, I wonder what you think of virginity.

It seems that the view is that a high number of previous sexual partners in a woman is undesirable, and that men look for a low number or at gold standard, a virgin for a long term relationship/marriage.

But what about men? If it is true that 'women are the gatekeepers of sex and men the gatekeepers of commitment' does that mean that women should be wary as a man who has had a lot of relationships or sexual partners is undependable in terms of commitment? Is it a fair equivalency?

Also, in men and women, how important do you think that virginity or a low number of sexual partners is? Are there caveats to your rule? Do you think it is reasonable to expect a man to have a low number of sexual partners to qualify him as high value in a LTR?

Tl;dr: How important is virginity in men and women? If men seeking LTRs see virginity as a signal of 'high value' and perhaps dependability, what is the equivalent signal that women should look out for?

(Oh, and happy new year!)