When one guy I was with told me I don't know how to touch a man I was a bit offended and was like what does that even mean? Of course he was the first guy I was sexually with and he was much more experienced so I told him ok? I don't know because I haven't been with guys this way? I figured I will learn. I tried to be more feminine and soft in general. Recently another guy who was interested in me (we never had any relations except kissing once but mostly friendly hugs and stuff) told me when I hugged him or touched him in anyway he felt like he was being touched by one of his bros; that I am apparently not soft enough with my touches lol. Maybe it's because I wasn't interested in him that much?

Being an only daughter with brothers and only male cousins my age I have been raised mostly among boys and never knew how to be girly. I was a tomboy until my late-teens but although the outside has changed I sometimes still feel like I'm not feminine enough. Do you have any tips or good books or podcasts on how to bring out my feminine energy more?