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I've been trying to increase my femininity. I wore perfume for the first time two days ago, and my male friend commented on how nice it was.

February 24, 2020

I am definitely wearing perfume again! Every time I go out!

Me (20f) and my two friends were planning on grabbing a late lunch together a couple of days ago. One of my friends, 19f, was late, while the other, 19m, was waiting with me (he had driven me there). Earlier that morning I'd put on the perfume that I'd been gifted for my 20th birthday. I've been trying to get more into femininity and that type of thing so I thought I might give it a go.

Call me stupid, but I thought that perfume/scent wasn't really a big deal. I thought people wore perfume just to say "oh, I'm wearing Gucci perfume today" and not to actually smell good.

Anyways, I was standing by the store with my friend and he suddenly leans over and says, "Wow, you smell really nice." I smile and say "thanks" because I'm kind of surprised that he even noticed it. Then he walks around, stands in front of me, puts both his hands on my shoulders and leans in right by my neck and says, "Wow. What's it called?" I tell him the name of the perfume and who it's by. He says, "I love it. It's very you." And then he says, "there's this perfume I love called [perfume name]. If a girl wore that, I would literally fall in love." I laugh with him and we chat until our other friend finally arrives.

It was a real motivation for me to continue trying to embrace my feminine skills. I am still so surprised that the first-ever time I wore perfume, a guy noticed, and commented on it. Ever since then, I haven't left the house without it, no matter how much of a hurry I've been in. I'm also allowing myself more time to get ready before leaving the house. I don't wear much makeup at all, I've never used foundation. But I am putting on lipstick more often now and I love it! Makes me feel so girly. I also have three casual dresses that I'm planning to wear more often.

I'm so happy I found this sub tonight, and excited to continue improving on this. :)

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