I came across RPW a little over a month ago and I'm so happy that I did. I've started making some superficial changes to my life (exercising, eating healthier, maintaining my appearance), and I’m hoping to get a little advice to set me on the right path: a total transformation to the RP way of thinking.

I'll start out with a little about myself. I'm 23, still in college, just started interning at a healthcare system and have been with my SO for a year and a half. I am generally a proactive person; if there’s something I want to change in my life then I will try my best to change it. I am quite independent and would consider myself to be a Type A personality. People have said that I am assertive, but my worry is that I am actually aggressive. I would say that I held many typical feminist ideals, however I’m trying hard to break some of the negative behavior and ways of thinking that came from that. I am 100% sure that RP will be a positive change in my life. I would like to hear more about your transition from BP to RP. Some key points are still a little blurry for me .. How do you manage your emotions while maintaining feminine poise (frustration, anger, disappointment)? This could be about your SO, your roommate, a family member, etc. I understand the value of keeping quiet and walking away, but do you ever need to vent? What about RP in a work environment? In my internship, I am with a group of 10 interns and we will be creating a Senior Leadership presentation for various VP’s and directors of our organization. How can I contribute ideas and display leadership while remaining RP? I’m having a difficult time balancing feminine poise without assuming total “passiveness” or simply being a doormat (I know this is not true, but I’m having a difficult time fully conceptualizing this idea). In other words, how do you ladies remain assertive in the workplace without breaking your feminine poise? Finally, what about meeting new people, especially in the workplace? I sometimes become nervous and say things I regret, talk too much, become overly honest about various opinions. Is it better to remain silent than attempt to make conversation in these situations? Any additional suggestions on avoiding these mistakes? I know that this sub is generally more relationship based, but I believe the majority of my work needs to be done outside of my relationship. Any additional advice will be truly appreciated. Thanks for reading!