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Keeping your nails done

October 4, 2018

I used to think that manicures and pedicures were meaningless wastes of money. “No one’s going to look at my hands or feet!” I thought.

I didn’t realize that I unconsciously did just that. Whenever I talked to a woman (and especially a man but I’ll go into that another time) and saw that her nails were clean, cut and painted, my opinion of her seemed to rise. It showed that if she takes care of “meaningless” things like her nails, she very likely takes care of herself as a whole.

Ever since I realized this, I’ve kept both my hands and feet done. I don’t always go to a salon; I mainly purchase those insta-dry Sally Hansen polishes, clippers and filers and do them myself every week. The effects that doing this has had on my self-confidence is insane. I feel sexier, more feminine and even cleaner. I’ve definitely noticed others glancing at them when we talk (and often complimenting me) and I feel good knowing what this could imply.

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