Without going into too many details, my SO owns his own well respected business. For many years it was just him, and last year he hired a full time assistant because he was too busy.

80 hour work weeks are normal for him. He was just offered an INCREDIBLE opportunity by one of his clients that will be a "short term" project estimated at 1-2 years on contract basis with regular international travel (think 4-5 days at a time, quarterly). His plan is to not give up his practice on top of this new project. He has hired a young associate to help pick up the slack.

We discussed this over dinner last night, he's pleased and flattered at the opportunity, but this will be a LOT more on his plate. He basically gave me an "apology in advance" for how busy and preoccupied he will be once this project starts next month.

The poor man already considers Saturday's his "day off" because he only works 4-5 hours from home.

I already take care of 90% of what goes on at home. He likes to cook sometimes, and handles his car maintenance and sometimes takes his things to the cleaners. I'm concerned about him picking up all of this.

I'm not trying to ask him not to take it, it's a fantastic opportunity and we have long term goals that this will really help achieve.

If you knew your man would be working 100+ hour weeks for the next couple years, what would you do to help him?

I'm thinking of cutting my hours back with work so I can assist more at home, and be available if they need more help at the office.

We've got vacation at the end of the month, so I've got plans to spoil him. Other than that I'm at a loss.