I had the whole day pretty much free today and was feeling really lazy but decided to get up off my butt and clean our entire apartment after it was collecting dust and things were everywhere.

Now that that's done, I want to make dinner for my guy and me before he gets back from work. We were on vacation for the last 3 weeks so I know he (and I) are really wanting a good quality, home-cooked meal.

What are some simple go-to dinner recipes you can share with me? I usually try and cook a lot of new things that take a while and I don't have so much time. Our go-to is usually dinner toasts which isn't going to do it for me. I've got the salad down but need some suggestions for the main course. Thanks a bunch!

UPDATE: I looked at what I had and ended up just buying skinless boneless chicken breast to make baked Balsamic glazed chicken with some rice on the side and a caprese salad over rucola! It wasn't the most intricate thing I've made but he was happy.

Thank you ladies for your suggestions anyway. I was running out on time to wait for answers but I'll definitely be using your suggestion soon when I'm inevitably undecided over dinner again :)