If you’re a fan of the Six Intimacy Skills you might be looking into Laura Doyle’s paid programmes.

Please be aware that the Discovery Calls for the four-figure Diamond programme and the five-figure Relationship Coach Training program are sales calls. The woman you speak to will earn a bonus for signing you up and you will be induced to pay up front in order to secure a discount, before you receive your contract. The woman speaking to you will not be trying to assess whether you are in an abusive or no-hope relationship, or whether you have what it takes to be a coach. Her aim will be for you to hand over your credit card details. This is not to say that the programs are without value. Just that hurting women might not be aware that they are being coerced by a clever sales script, especially if they have been groomed to trust the intentions of the Company in the much cheaper, less intensive Ridiculously Happy Wife program.