Hey everyone. Bf and I have been attending lots of weddings/births/engagements/etc recently and it has definitely got me thinking a lot about my and bf's future. I'm younger than all of the people that have been getting married (23 vs. 28-30) so I'm not exactly in a rush to do anything like that. However, I do want to have a family sometime soonish (like 25-28?) but I also don't want my education to go to waste. I'm not saying that I want to have some super high-powered career but I'm finishing up a (IMO) awesome degree (statistics/machine learning) so I do want to use it and make useful things with it.

The reason I ask you guys is that although my priority is making sure that bf and I are as solid as can be, I want to get an opinion on going back to academia/the workforce after the first few years of childcare.