So I'm well on my way to surrendering, I've seen amazing things happen in my marriage the last few months, and I'm ready to move on to a new goal for my red pill self, I can keep surrendering moving and feel comfortable multi tasking a new goal. My newest goal is to increase my feminine manner. I want to be able to do this not just with my husband, but everywhere. I feel like there have been plenty of posts in past about how to improve femininity around your man and physical appearance before so I won't ask you ladies to repeat it AGAIN, but I have a specific question that I haven't really seen answeredI find it particularly difficult to do this at work. I'm a CNA at an assisted living residence. If you've ever worked in healthcare or know someone who does, nurses and CNA's tend to have the dirtiest sense of humor. Sex, body fluids, whatever. We are typically hilarious, but not very feminine (in this respect). This is still a relatively new job for me, I started in July, but I've established myself and am already well known by my coworkers for pranks and dirty jokes.

How do I sort of, turn this around? How do I maintain a classy and feminine demeanor without alienating myself from my coworkers? Any advice would be appreciated!