I have just recently swallowed the Red Pill. I am also involved in a relationship of sorts with a boy that I have a long history with. A little background.. We have known each other for about four years. In our first year of knowing each other, I knew what it was. He was into drugs, booze, and sex. I knew what I had to become to attain him. We did things of a sexual nature, but didn't have sex, which led to him leaving me in a park one day saying, "I need to buy drugs" and coming back with a slutty redheaded girl who was very high/intoxicated and they went to have sex. We didn't talk for a while. Recently he texted me and told me that he was in AA, that he's changed and he's sorry and he'd like to be my friend. We have started a half-dating relationship, but he doesn't like the word date. He started out talking like he himself had taken the Pill, but now he rarely responds to my texts. I love him, which is the only reason I'm trying to make this work, but it's hurting me. Have I made a mistake? What do I do?