Hi RPW. I am facing a dilema. Me and a guy been dating around 2 months. He’s a handsome doctor and apart from the following things we get on well and I like him. He says he likes me very much too.

At first we would respectfully talk about other beautiful women. Then he started talking about how hot other women at a place we went together were which he told me later he said on purpose to see if I was jealous which would mean that I like him.

He also keeps following other girls on instagram. Recently he followed one from my city ( he lives an hour away in a different city), so I have no idea how he would have met her.

He mentions past sexual flings. For example he said that years ago he booked a hotel with a girl and they had sex ‘like animals’ and didn’t come out of the room for days. He said his previous girlfriends said he was like a sex king.

We didn’t have intercourse yet but have fooled around and he insisted we watch porn whilst doing it. I felt surprised and kinda weird about it. He's also got me off before for around 15-20 mins and when he finished he said ' that was tiring':(.

Now he’s away on a trip with a friend and I’m worried he’ll meet a girl or something:(. He is on a trip to Europe, for a few days in Amsterdam. He has also told me he has taken some weed. Before going he said his friend wanted to go to the red light district to have sex with a prostitute , but he assured me he had told his friend that he does not want to do this himself. I told him I was upset about it and he assured me again that he would not do anything with a prostitute.

Apart from these things I really liked him, but I feel so upset about all of this.

This is all affecting my self esteem. I feel quite worried. Are these red flags?