My boyfriend (27m) and I (22F) were watching a podcast where a man stated that one woman cannot sexually satisfy her man because men want variety. I ask him his thoughts on this and he agreed and said that at some point in every relationship the sex will get boring and men will want to sleep with multiple women. This bothered me because I am very monogamous. The thought of him sleeping with other women makes me nauseous So I had a discussion with him two days later stating that it is a deal breaker for me- if he steps out of our relationship, it will end. And that it is selfish to think that it is okay for a man to have multiple partners while the girl must stay loyal because in his logic since it is “in a man’s nature” to have multiple sexual partners, it’s also in a woman’s nature to want the best man that she can get. so there is a sacrifice being made on both ends because there will always be a “better” man.

So I ask if that is something that would cause him to be unhappy in our relationship and he said he’d be unhappy but that’s just one area of his life and it’s not enough to leave the relationship… otherwise he wouldn’t be with me. And that he’d ask/tell me before if he were to want to sleep with someone else. (A little background we both have the same sex drive if it’s not higher on my end so the frequency isn’t a problem bc I’ll gladly do it everyday )

Is he just too honest and this is how all men think? or is his thinking flawed? My biggest fear is wasting my best years on someone who will eventually cheat Plz any thoughts and advice would be appreciated