He's working on his art career, and I'm honestly afraid of our future if he doesn't "make it". I'd like to say that I love him so much I can deal with it, and that since I'm in college, I can take the financial burden. But I can't say those things honestly - we all know why. I want a family some day, I want to have children and care for them and my husband, but if he can't provide for us financially, I'm looking at a lifetime of poverty and misery and probably harbor resentment.

I wonder if anyone else has been in a similar situation? If so, how did you overcome it (whether you ended it with him or made things work in the long run).

I'm expecting to be told to leave him, and I see this as an option. but that's never easy. Is there a good way for a woman to tell her man that he needs to step up his game and get a better job? I've tried to think of ways, but it would be wrong coming from me.

if I could, I'd like to stay with him.