Hi all, I'm RPW by nature and acted that way my whole life without realizing it. I realize now that's how I got such an amazing husband. But over the years as my career as a project manager has progressed and we got married, I started taking more and more control of everything (that project manager mentality, needing to know every little detail and needing to be one step ahead of 'what ifs'). Recently my career has taken off and I have a huge paycheck and high position now. However, some days I just wish I could be a wife and focus completely on him. I've gotten better since discovering RPW and Laura Doyle about a year ago, but the more pressure there is at work the less I think about initiating sexy time, making him a favorite meal, etc. In an ideal world, I'd quit my career and be a wife (and eventual mother), completely focusing on my husband and household. Can you give me any tips? I recently switched jobs and had a long weekend off before starting my new one, and my mind was completely relaxed and clear since I left all the projects behind at my old job and was starting a new one Monday. I had zero professional responsibilities during that weekend, and I was so so so sexy and happy and carefree and all about my husband. I need advice on leaving everything at the front door after work so I can be like that all the time! I worry about work so much and I wish I could stop. Thank you.