Our house is a mess. I just started a new job and am still getting used to it. Once the stress wears off in a couple of days though, I feel as though I should step up and just do the housecleaning after work, even though I'm just as tired as my fiancé. He does art after work, and he's good, so that could theoretically make us good money in the future if he gets recognized. Anyway, I feel as though it's more important for a man to pursue productive hobbies like that, whereas a woman should find the time after the cooking and cleaning are done (or do things like clean WHILE listening to a podcast, thinking of short story ideas or whatever art form you enjoy, etc.). Do you guys agree, or should I approach him about splitting the housework? I'm still trying to wrap my head around TRP.

Edit: I talked to him about it, and he did suggest at first that we split it... But then I brought up how I just want to support him with his art and that I really don't mind since my hobbies are conducive to multitasking, and he seemed to really appreciate that. :)