Long story short, a close friend of mine (21F), let's call her Mary, has gotten involved with my friend (24M) John, who pretty much fits the bill of "natural alpha". This situation reads almost like a classic TRP story and I wouldn't even believe it if I weren't watching it unfold before my eyes.

Mary is your typical suburban white girl was overweight for most of her teenage life, and had dated a friend of mine for most of college. They split off last year, and she's been single ever since. Mary is unfortunately, a sufferer of Former Fat Girl Syndrome. She was overweight for most of high school and college, and has dropped 30 or so pounds over the last 3 years. Mary has honestly gone from a straight 3 in looks ( plain fat and ugly) to a solid 6, and is shocked every day by the newfound attention she's getting from guys.

Enter John, a 6'2, Chinese-American pretty boy from the south who has the looks and swagger of a modern day samurai. He's a part time bartender, competitive fencer, and a guitarist for a college garage band. I don't think he's ever had less than 2-3 plates going at once since I've met him, unless he was in a power couple with a girl with super high RMV. They spent a lot of time hanging out casually before hooking up about around November, and I've slowly watched Mary descend in a downward spiral as she desperately tries to but fails to get his commitment.

I'll be the first to admit that I've been on the other side of this, but I abide by the principle of "leave her better than you found her". John on the other hand, is a colossal narcissist, and he's seen it all before. He gets a kick out of girls with moderate SMV/RMV like Mary trying to get him to commit. The other day we were in Skype and Mary came in to his room for a talk.

Skype Chat: "Mary is trying to press the commitment talk and I can't meow enough"

Mary: "You're driving me crazy" Him: "Meow" Mary: "I don't wanna see you anymore if you're seeing other girls" Him: "Meow giggle" Mary: "I'm gonna go door slam"

The situation is this, I've applied TRP to better my own life, and it hurts to watch on the sidelines as a close friend gets strung along by a natural alpha who has very little girl game and isn't self aware enough to realize it. How do I make it clear to her that she doesn't have the RMV/SMV to get him to commit, and that this whole situation is just going to keep driving a spike into her heart?