My partner has a lower partner count than I do (Him: 2, Me: 4). We've been together for 3 years, have lived together for more than 2 of those years, and have purchased a home together. He's 28, I'm 26.

There are no major issues with our romantic/sex life, and I'm running the risk of creating a problem that isn't there. Sometimes, though, there's a voice in my head that chirps up to say "Maybe he should have spent time spinning plates. Maybe you never should have slept with those other men." What's in the past is in the past, there's nothing I can do to change anything. But I sometimes worry that I won't be enough for my man, or that I shouldn't assume he's not going to want to experience other women.

At the moment, we're very much in a state of domestic bliss. But we're also young, childless, and have only been together for 3 years. Marriage and children are things that we both talk about frequently, and things that we want to do with each other. I have a lower libido, but I am very conscious of making sure he is never left wanting. I try to make our home a sanctuary, though I'm the first to admit that my housekeeping needs work.

This is probably "making a mountain out of a molehill," but I would like some guidance on how to move forward making our relationship as fulfilling as it can possibly be for my man. Are there any ladies in similar situations? My hamster is running miles over this one.