TLDR: I am a Muslim and find a lot of similarities between my experiences and things discussed on RPW.

I'm a 19-year-old lived in the U.S. my whole life, but my family is Persian and Muslim. I come from a super conservative family, and I have always struggled with the tension between my family's culture/religious expectations and Western society. I attended public school and while I have a lot of friends there is always a little bit of friction/tension.

I actually heard about the whole idea of "red pill" for the first time when I was riding back from a X Country meet with my friend and her family. Her dad was driving and was talking about it with her Uncle. It felt like I had found a hidden treasure. I've never felt so connected to something from Western culture before. It's like finding a missing puzzle piece that felt like it bridged a gap between my culture and this tension I have always had with mainstream American culture.

So, like, here's an example that might help illustrate why I felt so connected to this community. Initially, my parents, especially my mom, were not on board with me doing running competitively. The idea of their daughter participating in a competitive sport raised all kinds of red flags, from modesty concerns to our own gender roles. But, my dad took the lead. He kinda decided that we were gonna try this even though my mom was not really on board with it at first. And my mom, even though she was resistant, supported him. The result? We all found a lot of satisfaction and happiness in the sport. It's been something my parents have enjoyed going to and cheering me on and I was able to figure out how to do it without getting outside the lines of my religious identity.

This experience with my family and running is just one example of why I feel so at home here. A lot of the ideas I have read about in this community seem like things I've lived. I feel like a lot of the dynamics of my family that others generally think of as "weird" fit in well in this community.

I was mostly just wondering, are there any other women here from a similar background? How do you make this lifestyle work for you? Obviously, there are some parts of this that don't fit totally. If you're Muslim how do you handle the tricky topics that come up, especially if they clash with your own beliefs?

If you're not Muslim I totally still welcome your perspectives on this! Thanks for reading.