Hi, all.

My job has me deployed to Afghanistan (I am a defense contractor) and I have been here since mid Dec. I go back to the US in Mid June. My boyfriend (29) and I (31) have been together for a year, and he is really missing me. I took this job because I saw it as a quick way to pay off my credit card debt in a super short timeframe and even help him out financially as he has the burden of law school/college student loans to repay.

He has been so awesome with this. We face time and gmail chat everyday. I buy him little presents once a month like movies and funny t-shirts to let him know I am thinking about him.

As of late, he has been getting bummed about being alone. What can I do to cheer him up?

Two and a half more months left! After I get back, I am going to focus on another career that does not have me going to Afghanistan or any other war torn countries for months on end!

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond with advice!