New Flairs, Please Update Yours Now!

April 5, 2016

Our flair guide is in the wiki and on the sidebar, but I'll reproduce the text here for you:

If you currently have an endorsed flair, please leave a comment on this thread with your flair text and I'll update it manually, thank you

User Flairs

RedPillWomen is a spot for like minded Women to objectively and realistically discuss sexual strategy from an anti-feminist, non-feminist, traditionalist and/or evolutionary psychology perspective. Our focus is on long-term goals that bring long-term happiness.

However, not all goals are the same, so not all strategy discussion will be necessarily the same.

To assist us with steering advice and discussion in the right way, we've started using user flairs to indicate an individual's information, to give context to the advice they might need, and the advice they might give.

We ask that all users who participate edit their flair.

To edit your flair, click (edit) next to your name on the right sidebar under "Show my flair on this subreddit. It looks like:".

Choose one of the four:

  • PINK: Edit: Lady Relationship Details - Choose this one to indicate you are a woman and in a relationship.
  • BLUE: Edit: Guy Relationship Details - Choose this one to indicate you are a man and in a relationship.
  • YELLOW: Edit: Lady Single Details - Choose this one to indicate you are single woman.
  • GREEN: Edit: Guy Single Details - Choose this one to indicate you are a single man.

Now, you probably noticed that the flair text by default says "Edit."

This is where you edit the flair text to indicate the following:

  • Age - This one is easy: how old are you. If you rather not be precise you can just use a decade. "~40" means in your forties.
  • Relationship Type - Indicate what sort of relationship you are in (or if you're single, what you're looking for):
    • Not Looking/Monk Mode
    • Dating/Looking for LTR
    • Long Term Relationship/LTR
    • Engaged/Married
    • Divorced/Widowed
    • This is open ended, so feel free to deviate from the template on what you feel your goals are. It's fair to say "I don't know"
  • Length - If you're in a relationship, indicate for how long.

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