Hi RPW! I've [24] been a lurker for about three months after stumbling across TRP sub and was extremely surprised at how much I agreed with their ideals.

My boyfriend [26] is a natural alpha who has a good grasp of social relationships and have openly told me his opinions regarding gender roles and current society, which are close to about 90% of the things that TRP preach. He's always been a little bit rough with words, so while I was initially a little hurt at the thought of being "lower" because I was a woman, TRP explained it in a way where I fully was able to and even wanted to embrace those ideas along with my femininity and my role as First Mate. I was completely amazed at this whole new way of thinking and how much sense it made for me and my relationship. I wanted to learn more and apply these to everyday life.

We have been in a relationship for 9+ years at this point, with some on and off's in between (perhaps I'll post a full story one day). But we have been in a very steady relationship for almost 3 years now, have been working hard on our trust issues, and also working towards building a future (we're looking to buy a house and have talks of engagement soon).

For about a month, I tried to apply some of what I learned in RPW by trying to recognize when I am being too emotional and rash. Needless to say, it made a difference! Two weeks ago, I worked up the courage to tell my boyfriend about TRP, and he was impressed that I took the time to research this topic to try to understand him better since I usually have trouble expressing my thoughts and feelings. He has been lurking TRP now as well to further grasp the ideas. Our relationship at this point has never been better.

So I guess the point of my post is to ask all you ladies for some advice for us who newly swallowed the pill. What's something you wish you had done better from the start? Was the something extremely simple you changed that made a drastic impact? What are some ways to recognize your own weaknesses and actually improve on them? Is it ever okay to point out weaknesses of your Captain, or is that his responsibility for himself? Any personal anecdotes for reference or model examples?

Sorry for the wall of text. This is my first post on reddit. I am extremely grateful for this sub and how much positive impact it has made on my life already.