Bf and I have been dating exclusively for 6 months. He is very successful - tall, handsome, has a great job and makes good money. I think he can get with anyone. I'm very insecure about that and is often jealous when he mentions his female colleagues (about work related issues) and exes. I've had multiple meltdown with him already where I acted completely jealous, crazy and out of control.

Our relationship hasn't been smooth. I think it's because I'm too insecure and often shit test him but he doesn't buy it. We've had some huge arguments already and haven't exchanged I love yous.

I discovered this sub very recently. Read some recent posts and I strongly believe that I did poorly as a girlfriend and need to try harder from now on. I want him to be the captain and lead us.

Here are a few things I'm thinking about improving, please let me know if you agree or have anything to add:

  • I dress nice on a daily basis when I leave home so I'm not too worried about that; but I don't have anything nice to wear at home. I wear t-shirts from high school and sweatpants, they are childish and unattractive, I need to get rid of them I think;

  • I'm practice cooking and will cook for him more;

  • he's very attracted to me and wants sex every day, I try to accommodate him as much as I can, but do you have any tips when I don't feel like it?

  • I work out twice a week; need to go more often

Anything else? I'm obviously a starter in this. But I want to master my good girl game before I drive him away. Thanks everyone!