I've accepted that a big source of my unhappiness is just how lonely I am. My partner is usually traveling for work and I just am really awkward/terrible at meeting people. I moved to my SOs city (where I am actually originally from) to be with him a while ago. I do have a few friends from back home but "back home" is still about an hour away from where we are and also my old friends and I are just on different wavelengths with different goals I guess you could say we've kind of grown apart.

So I want to pick up some kind of activity or group. I'm not religious and even if I was my religion isn't really popular where we live so a religious small group is not really ideal.

I'd love to hear how you guys spend your free time, what do you do for yourself and how do you go about meeting other females to associate with/tips to combat just feeling really alone all the time.