It's funny, when I first started reading up on RP I was amazed at how different men and women really are. But the more I stick around, the more I see parallels, and the more I realise we're not quite so different after all - we just have different goals. Realisations like this one really help me understand where men are coming from.

Men want a challenge in a woman. They do not want a woman who gives away sex too freely, but will always try to get it from a woman. Women want a challenge in a man. They do not want a man who lets others walk all over him, but they will always try to see if they can get away with this.

Obviously an over-simplification, but you get the idea. People will always push to see what they can get away with, but lose respect when they get it easily or without a challenge. People will always give more value to things they work hard for.

Has anyone else seen some surprising parallels between men and women?