Bf and I (both mid 30s, previously married with children) have been together 2 years. He is a wonderful man and I love him very much. He treats me incredibly well, just as I do him. We are so happy when we're together and get along very well.

We live 10 minutes apart, but have very busy lives with our children so our time together is limited. We have a night alone every other week and then usually a day/night with all of our kids or just his once a week. Neither one of us are really interested in moving our kids out of their home so our living situations probably will not change. I have my kids 6 days a week. He has his 4 but will sometimes work one of the evenings he doesn't have his.

When he has his kids and I don't have mine, we always spend time together at his request. But when it's me and my kids and he is alone, he really doesn't come to my house or involve himself in our lives at all. He chooses to just hang home alone, sometimes complaining he's bored! If he was out with friends or busy I wouldn't think twice, but it's starting to bother me. I've stopped asking but have made it more than clear that there's an open invitation.

He's involved me in all things with his family and friends, has pictures of me in his house, texts during the week to tell me he misses me, and would be thrilled to spend every second with me if our kids were to disappear for a week or 2 :) It's just that he doesn't really involve himself in my regular life at all. And its not that he doesn't like my kids. He's been wonderful to them and included them in many things. While I feel like I'm generally a RPW, this is where I struggle. If I specifically raise this issue, he'll start coming over because he would never want me to be unhappy. But I don't want him here because he feels bad. I've explained to him that I start to feel disconnected midweek thinking that might trigger him to make an effort but while he cares, he's not getting it. Help!

TLDR-wonderful boyfriend, but relationship seems to be a little more on his terms/territory