I don't know where to post this. I just need advice. I love everything about /r/redpillwomen. I feel like that is what I'm about. Would love your help and input. :)

So, I am 20 years old, turning 21 January 8th. Since I was little, my family has always told me that I had to be a "professional" with a solid career to be happy and successful. That was their dream for me, and for a long time I thought it was my dream as well. But that has always been secondary to my real calling, my real dream - to have a loving family of my own with an amazing husband.

So the time comes and I graduate high school with some solid grades and despite my wishes to take at least one semester off, I'm forced into college immediately. I don't know if I was actually going so that I could fulfill their dreams or mine. I obviously didn't want to disappoint them and definitely wanted to become successful, so I went.

I tried. I went to college for two years and hated it. I was so stressed out, sleep deprived and sad all the time. Some days I would go to school until 1 pm and had to go straight to work right after. And I would work until 12 or 1 am (not even getting paid for overtime here... thanks Victoria's Secret). Weekends were dedicated to work as well. I couldn't. I even went to my schools psychologist to get help at one point. I wasn't happy at all.

Then I met my wonderful boyfriend the beginning of this year who wants the same thing I want - a lovely family of our own. I was still in college then and I was still working that job.

I quit both shortly after we started dating. He didn't force me to quit, even though he encouraged me to do so - this is what I wanted. He said to do what I thought was best for me and I did.

Now here's the problem: My family believes he is bad for me and that I do everything he says. Thing is, he wants the same thing as me. He understands my needs and I understand his. Ying Yang. He wants a family and believes that women shouldn't be forced/encouraged to devote their best (most fertile) years of their lives stressing/partying in college for a meaningless degree because women should do whatever it takes to become wife-material first and foremost, land a solid Man and take care of him and his children above all else. He believes that women with full-fledged careers diminishes a woman of her femininity and youth/energy. Especially the higher paying ones (usually are more masculine, which requires women to adopt a more masculine personality in order to truly succeed... and he hates masculine women)

While he believes Men are the ones who are supposed to worry about the careers and all that stuff because they are built way better for it.

He believes that the whole liberated women/''gender equality'' is OK on paper, and good for the economy, but for love/relationship - it's all absolutely toxic.

I agree with him 100% and this is exactly what I want - to devote my best years to him while he takes over the world. He my captain and I his first mate, as you wonderful ladies know. We are very old-fashioned and so far 9 months into our relationship, things have consistently been absolutely amazing for the both of us. No honeymoon phase or anything silly like that - I'm very feminine and submissive and he is masculine and very dominant. Things are bound to be great, so sayeth Nature.

He is going to college and is going to get a good degree (physical therapist). We actually live together right now and are planning to buy a house soon. Now, we are not planning to start a family yet. This is going to happen after we get married, buy a house, and are financially ready.

I don't know what to do about my family though. My family is so disappointed that I didn't first graduate from college then get married and then move out of the house like it's "supposed" to be. They believe my boyfriend has brainwashed me into thinking all of this. They also think I am ''wasting my potential'' and ''setting a bad example'' to my siblings.

Also, we both have a job that pays pretty good currently and we both work from home together.

I just need some input other than friends and family.

What do you ladies think? Am I being irrational, or do my parents simply not understand?

Wise input greatly appreciate, thank you.