Hi ladies. I'm posting in this sub because I know many of you are already doing what I'm just beginning to learn. I've had an intestinal disease since childhood and convinced myself a change in diet wouldn't help. But you can only ignore it for so long. It's clear now that processed foods and carbohydrates (especially grains) are not good for you. But since both my boyfriend and I work, I would opt usually for a meal that is your standard American cuisine and we would eat out at lunch. But last week I decided to take the plunge and eliminate wheat from my diet. This means no more going out to buy lunch while at work, since the majority of your options are sandwiches and the other options since you don't know how it's made or what it's made with you can't be sure. So since I decided to do this, I had to significantly change how I approach meal planning. Before I would plan out what we would eat for the week, get those ingredients, make the food, and end up throwing away things that inevitably go bad since I have only been living with my boyfriend on our own since June and had no knowledge or experience with food. When we were in college we just would order take out every night for reasons too many to list (shared kitchen space was too overwhelming, lack of time to prepare food because of night class and clubs, distance from groceries, too many tempting local restaurants to choose from, etc). After I graduated I lived at my moms for a year then once he graduated we moved in together. It's been a wonderful journey! Our jobs have our weekdays all tied up and since we spent most weekends at the beach, living a lifestyle focused on preparing meals was not my first priority. But its different now. When I decided to cut out wheat I had to become educated on a lot of things. In the past week, I've learned:

When food goes bad, how it should be stored, and how to properly freeze it.

How to cook food so that leftovers can be eaten for lunch through out the week, that way I could make fresh delicious meals after work every night and still have time to prepare something for us to eat the next day.

How bake from scratch (with coconut flour) instead of using a mix.

How to cook and prepare various dishes so that they contain healthy whole ingredients

How to read the labels on packaged food

How to make the right choices when it comes to choosing foods for us to eat :)

Now that I've done this, its only been a week, I realize I'm much better at this than I thought I'd be since I just put my mind to it. Whereas before I couldn't imagine a life where I would be skipping processed foods and cooking everything from scratch or whole, now this small tiny step has made me realize that could be my future. :)

Can any of you ladies suggest blogs that will help me continue to develop these skills? I still have a long way to go. But one day I hope I can achieve what many of you ladies have. Thanks for reading!