I've read your own side bar about men's participation, and I think this question adequately qualifies as being something I need to directly ask RPW that are looking for an LTR.

So, you are out there looking for commitment. I'm assuming you are trying to avoid the players that will just try to fuck you and leave you so that is understandable.

At TRP a lot of people would say the woman likes the fact that the man has options, attracts other women, has a high count of partners, etc. Yet, from my personal experience in a small college community I believe a few girls with LTR potential were scared away due to my reputation or knowledge of my past.

My question is, at what point are you turned off by a guy being a "player?" Basically, where is the threshold? I suspect my experience is indicative of the small community rather than any problem with my actions. I just want some RPW perspective at what would scare them away from someone in this way.

Edit: In terms of my reputation I think it would just be that I'm not afraid to have a ons and not commit to women who I and TRP would deem unworthy of commitment. Yet, this information about who and what I've done might scare away potential LTR women who ARE actually worthy of that commitment.

Edit 2: Thank you everyone for your responses. From everything I've gathered from this thread, other threads, readings, and my own experience, I think there is a hole in TRP defining strategies for spinning plates vs looking for potential LTRs. The strategies and principles are the same, but the method is different. It's not surprising considering the mostly anti-marriage stance over at TRP, but I also have a theory that a lot of this anti-marriage stance is simply the anger stage. There are many manosphere bloggers and such who are happily married so I'm not yet convinced that marriage and LTRs are completely negative as many would have us believe. This thread has been very helpful, thank you.