Longtime lurker, first time posting! I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

22, Just graduated from top university in states. Currently overseas teaching and traveling, buying time...but not for long! Really late bloomer - never had a bf and never dated. Attractive but not social...something I need to work on. Goals: to get married as soon as possible, have a stable career that will allow me time to raise a family.

I'm quite wary of getting a regular full time job...many of my friends aren't happy and their lives are just work and partying and hookups, which really isn't my thing. Hence the traveling, and living here abroad. It's been a few months after graduating and I need to make a decision soon, but I lack strong career goals that are defined so here are my options:

  1. Go to graduate school. I can pursue studies in my moderately in-demand area of study from my undergrad, and then hope that my higher education will make me a competitive candidate. My mother is also really pushing this because she believes this is where I can find a good man. I agree as well, but don't think this should be a major deciding factor for going to grad school.

  2. Full time position abroad - pros: can live overseas in a culture and lifestyle I identify strongly with. More traditional good men. Cons: fierce competition for good guys here because all the girls take really good care of themselves. Far from family. Lower pay. Hard to transition back to work in the U.S. because they might not regard international experience as much?

  3. Bite the bullet and just get a job in America. Can't run from reality any longer...its not a good thing for girls my age to be out here with no concrete plans. Have harder time finding social circles where I fit in and thus a man, but higher pay and prestige I guess makes up for it?

Oops that was long! Sorry! Hope I made sense, would really value any advice. Just your typical generation Y college grad musings, but with an RPW twist.