Red Pill Women Best of 2013!

December 18, 2013

Hello, all! Just wanted to pop in real quick and announce the best of 2013 awards for /r/redpillwomen!

We will take the top voted nominations from each category and give them 1 month of free reddit gold! Wooo!

The categories:

Most Thought-Provoking Submission: What submission was really insightful and caused the best conversation to take place?

Most Insightful Advice: Which comment gave the best, most insightful advice to another member?

Best Overall Submitter: Who has submitted the best, most consistent quality content this year?

Best Red Pill Girl Game: Which submission or comment demonstrates or explains the best red pill girl game?

Best Off-Topic Submission: Which submission isn't strictly about red pill but was awesome and made for great conversation?


  • One nomination per comment, and take care to comment in reply to the category you're nominating for.

  • Nominations can only consider posts and data from the year 2013.

  • The nomination must have a clear winner. It must be a single person who has not deleted their account or removed themselves from their submission. This includes posts and comments which have since been removed or deleted.

  • Please include as much data as possible when nominating, and make a good case. Provide a url to the user or comment.

  • Winners will be chosen by highest number of upvotes, and due to brigading downvotes will be ignored.

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