If you have been to r/theredpill lately, you have seen the following post You Can't Comply Your Way out of Censorship -- Whisper Has Been Banned

For several years, Reddit has been chipping away at The Red Pill through quarantines and bans and censoring demands. We have seen many subs fall to the Admins, most recently Female Dating Strategy. Whether you like these subs or hate them, it is important to recognize that Reddit has complete control over our existence here.

This past week u/Whisper was banned from Reddit. With this move, Reddit has made it next to impossible for The Red Pill to continue on on this platform. However, this has been expected for a long time and the prescient men at the helm of TRP long ago created a backup plan for when the day came.

They will be migrating over to https://trp.red and https://forums.red/i/theredpill in the near future. Any men reading this who haven't made their accounts on the new platform are encouraged to do so. All the best content exists on the new sub as they have been backing up TRP for years.

And the benevolent misogynists have done the same for RPW.

We have not had the same problems on RPW. No mods have been banned, no external rules have been imposed. It is our expectation that RPW will continue on Reddit without issue for the foreseeable future. However, we recognize that Reddit can pull the plug on us at any time for any reason. If that day ever comes, we too have a home on trp.red. Our content has been backed up and we can make a seamless transition to the new platform. You can even go over there now and claim your Reddit username.

We plan to be here for a long time but when we are not, trp.red is where you will find us.