There seems to be a lot of chatter regarding this topic at the moment, so here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. - There are back-up forums ready and waiting to be utilized that have been set up by /u/redpillschool

  2. Keep a note of the RPW and TRP chats, that's a really convenient way to connect with other users and stay up to date

  3. If there are links, articles, comments, or threads that you find useful (or that you spent a lot of time writing) - just get in the habit of copying and pasting the material onto your personal computer in a Word document (or you could even save them as email drafts). That way, regardless of what happens, you'll always have access to certain material.

  4. Don't panic, and don't stress. It won't accomplish anything, and it'll just distract you.

Have a good day everyone. :0)