Sorry this post is so long. It's kind of a rant I guess, but I thought the folks here might find themselves in this.

So if I had to guess, I would say that 2/3rd's of the women in my church are SAHM's. There are only 2 women in our church (of 300+) who have ever been divorced, and both situations were pretty extreme ones that actually called for it. We are reformed and complementarian in theology, so gender roles are very traditional. If there ever was a RedPill church environment, I think mine would be the closest thing I've ever seen to it.

One of my friends there is about to become a SAHM when her baby is born in two months. I guess her husband asked her to ditch the netflix subscription before the baby arrives. She and I were talking about it, and I think it's an absolutely brilliant idea and encouraged her to do it as well.

His point of view was "I know too many SAHM's who waste hours of their day on Netflix marathons while the house goes to hell and the kids run around like animals. I want better for you and our kids."

He's totally right. I know LOTS of SAHM's who are constantly on facebook and watching the Office on Netflix for five hours at a time. Heck, I'VE been that mom before. These are the same moms who always have a nasty house and dirty kids while their men are gone 8-12 hours a day supporting them. It's an absolute timesuck, and pretty rude to their partners who are working hard all day.

Being a SAHM is a luxury, but it shouldn't be abused or taken advantage of. There are so many productive things you could be doing with that time rather than camped out on the couch in your sweats.

So anyway, I think I'm gonna tell my friend that if she dumps Netflix, I'll dump Hulu with her (my husband doesn't watch it anyway.) I'd much rather save that subscription fee towards a night at the movies with my husband once a month or something anyway.

I'm also thinking about getting rid of my facebook account. I can do updates and pictures of the kids and stuff on my blog for my extended family. Facebook is definitely my biggest time-waster.

Ladies there is so much more you can do with your time as a SAHM. Your kids and your husband deserve better than an addiction to television or the internet. Pursue hobbies that are actually FRUITFUL and helpful to your brain or your family. Read more. Learn a craft or a trade you can do from home. Volunteer at your children's school. Take a cooking class.

Are there any other major timewasters for SAHM's besides the TV and the internet?