My husband and I have been together for almost 6 years and married for almost 2 of those years. Just recently within the last couple months he has been reading and learning about the red pill. He says that it has taught him that a woman can never provide him with the kind of love that he provides her. And that all of his life he has been lied to about the dynamics of the relationship. During this time our relationship has been very rocky. Last night he told me that the only reason we are still together is to not hurt our children. Because he feels very angry about the whole situation.

Has anyone went through something like this? Does anyone have any decent advice on how to handle this? I'm baffled and hurt.

Edit: I have since, spoke with my husband and read more of the book. I have started implementing the guidelines set out in the book. I've agreed that we both need to work on things for ourselves to be happy. And we have agreed to try to work things out slowly. Kind of like tearing down the foundation we used to have and start to rebuild a new frame.