TL;DR: I have a female friend I'm worried about, because everything in her life pretty much matches the truths of what we talk about here. I want to give her some RPW advice, but I don't know if that's me being too pushy/getting in the middle of her relationship.

So, I have a female friend who has just turned 30. She's pretty unhappy because she wants to get married and have kids, but her boyfriend of 5 years has not proposed to her yet. She feels her clock ticking, it's all she ever talks about anymore. She likes her boyfriend because he is a smart and interesting guy. She says he helps out a lot around the house (even packs her lunches sometimes) and they have good conversation.

Yet he's not really ambitious enough to bring their relationship to the level that she would like. They live in a bad neighborhood because neither of them have the money to live somewhere better. He's sticking in a dead end job where he gets paid very little and treated like crap because he's not ambitious enough to seek out anything better. While she's busting her ass (going to interviews, sending out resumes galore) to get a better job so they can have a better quality of life.

He smokes weed all the time and is very attached to the pot lifestyle (which is probably why he doesn't have very much motivation), and absolutely refuses to give it up.

My friend - I'll call her Sarah - is a really nice, thoughtful girl. She looks younger than her age which is good (has good skin, didn't party too hard), she looks around 23-25. But she's gained some weight, (is probably 15 pounds overweight).

My RPW advice for her (if I were to be blunt) would be to work on her appearance and install some dread game in her relationship. I think that right now her boyfriend is assuming that she'll stick around forever (because she's not really that hot anymore, so she's not attracting a lot of male attention). If she were skinny and hot, she would start getting a lot more male attention and her boyfriend would feel more threatened. He might have further motivation to marry her/make their relationship more permanent if he was afraid of losing her.

I also don't know if it's my place to tell her to leave this guy, if she genuinely loves him, because what if she doesn't meet anyone else - let alone meet anyone she likes better.

Anyways, I'm not exactly sure what to tell Sarah.

What would you say? (Sometimes getting in someone's business can make things worse if you don't know the complete situation).

And remember that she's my friend, so I don't want to say anything too harsh to her.

EDIT: The other thing I just thought of, is - what is she offering this guy to earn his interest and commitment? Sure, she works hard and is a nice person. But she's not RPW material. From what she's told me, she doesn't clean, or cook and she's overweight (when they started dating, she was skinny). Maybe if she did go more RPW, he might actually feel like more of a man, and start acting like one.

The other thing I didn't mention, is unlike a lot of stories about post-wall women, my friend Sarah didn't ride the CC.