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shower thoughts: Why is this sub so compelling?

April 5, 2021

What draws women and men to comment, offer advice, and even bare their souls to complete strangers on social media? I have asked myself that question so many times. Why do I feel the need to post and share my thoughts on RPW? Why do I continue to follow this sub?

Today I read a comment by u/whisper and a light bulb lit up when I read his words as to why he posts. They are as follows:

I only do this because I'm compulsively pedagogical... when I have an insight, I need someone to explain it to, or I'll start buttonhole ng strangers in line at the grocery store. I have the luxury of not caring if you believe in me or not, because my insights are free. I give them away so that they will stop hammering at the walls of my braincase, not so that people will pay me.

I will admit I had to look up the word pedagogical. The word refers to the mindset of teaching. Being that my career is in education, it was a little embarrassing that I didn’t recognize that term. Never the less, these words really do sum up why I post here.

The best I can do to put this in my own words is this: We all face the same obstacles in life, but we don’t face them from the same vantage point. In spite of this, there is a semblance of truth that a person can offer others after a hard battle to learn the truth on their own. This is the essence of experience. We offer what we learn in the hopes that others can learn from it also.
This is why I post and comment here.

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[–]HappilyMrs 5 points6 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

I don't post much as I don't always feel I fit in, but when I do it's because I enjoy that sense that someone else gets what I am saying, and sees the same in their life.

[–]blushingoleander 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

This is an interesting question. I love looking at gender differences in behavior. It fascinates me.

My relationship was sufficiently solid when I found rpw but I'd spent a long time beating my head against a wall because I thought we were the same and to understand him I only needed to understand me. So wrong. I stay because I want to help women not make that same mistake.

Also I like telling people what to do.

Though this account is mostly to make snarky comments 😛.

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