So this will be a short post but I wanted to hear about your opinions.

My relationship with my SO has improved a whole lot since my last thread, everything is going great and we don't have any big issues in our life.

But I have a problem concerning my personal image.

You see, my boyfriend hates makeup, he loves seeing me in the morning and having a natural look. When I'm at work I use makeup (but I still like to make a natural look using earth colors) and I find improvement on how I look, but he still insist that he loves me without it. The other day however I went to his home after work and he said I looked gorgeous, I was obviously using my basic makeup (eyeliner, eyeshadow, primer, blush) so I know as a fact he liked it but he still insist that I don't have to use makeup around him.

The thing is that I see sooo many posts in here that I have to always use makeup and prepare myself for dates, but he likes me with a natural look. I of course use some eyeliner, primer from time to time and if I feel fancy around him some eyeshadow, but he already thinks that using eyeshadow is too much.

I try however to take care of my clothes, use nice dresses and lingerie.

Should I just start using more makeup and show him it isn't that bad, or do you have any tricks to look better without overusing makeup?

Also, any tips for braiding or hair looks? My hair is long and that's the only thing I still don't know how to improve since I'm not very skilled in braiding.

Sorry about my english, and by the way, i'm 23 and my skin is healthy, so it's not like there's a big difference between using primer and base or not.

Edit: Thankyou for the replies! I'm sorry if my english has confused you a bit with my thread. By no means I'd do something that my SO didn't like (besides using lip balm to take care of my lips). And I actually like my natural -without makeup- look. I was wondering if maybe I wasn't being a good SO by not taking care of myself and if I needed to rock that natural makeup look just so he feels better. But as you said and like I asked, he prefers my natural look and sometimes also my "little improvements" like eyeliner. So I guess it's solved!! TY so much for your comments :). I will keep using only sunscreen and some creams on my face and taking care of my skin haha.

And thanks for the input on the hair coloring! I'll try to see some stylist who can help me with that