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So how are you and your man holding up during these tough times?

April 8, 2020

My husband is very good at putting on an act that nothing is bothering him, but I have learned to pick up on the clues that he is worried sick about something. It is no mystery why he is worried sick now: The stock market, the future of his business, the future of our married children, his parent’s well being, and the political climate.

My first clue was when he stopped whistling or humming, something he always does when he is relaxed and absorbed in something. My second clue was his desire for sex tapered off. And my third clue was he became very impatient and short with me when it was not merited.

Now my first inclination was to let the hamster free because I too was worried about all those same things that he was dealing with. But no, I couldn’t let it stop there. I had to triple my anxiety by adding some more worries: Was he tired of me? Did he no longer find me attractive? Was I terrible to be around all the time?

I am happy to report that I caught that damn hamster and got it back in the cage before it could do any harm. But it was a close call. Anyone else dealing with this? How are your men handling their worries?

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