My SO and I have recently been blessed by the TV fairy. We work together in the Entertainment industry, and have reached a point in our careers where our personal images will be entering media via syndicated broadcast in the US and internationally. Now, it's highly unlikely that any of you will see us in the media unless you happen to be a part of our particular niche market, but it's a small step towards the bigger picture for SO and I. (Sorry for the humblebrag, it's all very exciting I'm just trying to contain myself somewhat!)

My question for you lovely RPW is how do I find a balance between social media, marketing and modesty? The market we work is heavily male dominated and usually in tropical settings. This means I will be filmed in a bikini a lot of the time. Nothing raunchy at all, except I happen to have very marketable assets in the rear, and there's no escaping the fact that my butt will be on screen. But I do not want to become a Kim Kardashian!

Now one thing I've learned upon delving further into the industry is how valuable social media is, especially for young attractive ladies. A hot young thing with thousands of followers on Instagram is an incredible marketing asset to sponsors and producers. And women are actually turning their Instagram followings into respected careers. As an example I'll cite the girl who got millions of followers for posting sexy yoga shots, and is now touring the world teaching sold out yoga retreats (not just @JenSelter's insta-famous ass, though she is doing incredibly well for herself…my SO even follows her!). As I get more into the production side of things, I find myself checking how many followers a girl has before I suggest her for casting, and will make a special note to the producer if she's got a strong following. Her instagram link goes right next to her name in the submission and is the main source producers have for qualifying her. For women Instagram has become like a self published modeling portfolio. She doesn't even have to have pro shots, selfies are the norm. I used to do more modeling a couple of years ago, and we always submitted a link to our pro portfolio (which took a lot of effort to build), but now it's all Instagram. I do give these girls tons of credit for branding as their overall value is not just raw SMV but lifestyle oriented (yoga poses, exotic settings, use of lighting, hashtags, underwater photography, fashion, etc). Despite all appearances, the elite insta-babes are not just self absorbed attention whores, they are clever and strategic marketers who know that their most valuable asset is their young nubile bodies.

Thank heavens I have my SO to guide me. It's really his project, he is the media personality, and I am his sexy sidekick, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I would be terrified to enter this market if I was single, BP and easily tempted. My SO is usually protective of my image (especially my butt), and I'm happy to let him be my body's publicist. But when it came to filming one of our first projects he asked the directors "Is VintageGirlGame's butt going to be in this video?" and they responded "Duh!" Again, it wasn't anything raunchy, just me in a bikini and there happen to be angles (of both of us) from behind, but my butt can't help but stand out. I worked on the final edit myself and took out about half the original butt shots. Still the Google Analytics on the YouTube video (that got us the TV casting) reports a 91% male audience, so I know for a fact that my image is helping sell my SO’s career. I am comfortable with the exposure as long as my SO is, but I feel like we’ll both be facing new pressures as we advance our careers.

Overall I've tailored my Instagram and social media to be relatively modest (something my SO has trained me in, when he first met me I was more naive about maintaining an online image). I hardly ever post selfies which I usually find to be kind of trashy. But I've noticed that I have a pathetic fraction of the followers that I could have if I posted more bikini shots. We also have bikini sponsors who are expecting me to sell their bikinis, mostly via social media marketing but also in magazines. How do I play the game, maximize career exposure and not get sucked in too deep? The bar for what's considered normal and appropriate has been set so low today. Where do you draw the line when "ladies" like Kim have all but erased it?

Side note: I know it's winter right now but what kinds of bikinis do you ladies wear? RPW is all about dressing modestly but I’m sure you don’t all wear one piece granny suits when at the beach!