Hi everyone, I am a 22 year old girl about to graduate college, and feeling very lost. I feel I share a lot of RPW values, and lurking on this sub has helped me understand what is going on around me and what my values are.

I have always felt "off" throughout my school years and college and never understood my role as a female in this world. I only figured out men were sexually attracted to women last year when I was 21 (I was bullied a lot of my life for being introverted and from a different culture, so my social learnings have been very delayed). I lost my virginity in a one-night fling to a guy who was an orbiter, thinking I was becoming "normal" like the rest of the girls but that helped nothing, and I didn't realize the value of what I was giving away. So, not interested in hookup culture or repeating that. Throughout college, I THOUGHT I was finally overcoming my social obstacles and finally making friends. But looking back, all my "friends" were beta orbiters who dropped off after a while because I didn't put out. I would sometimes talk to a guy and not understand why he was trying to make out right away. I tried to make female friends, but most of them made fun of me for being awkward, or it was hard to relate to them, because their life revolved around hooking up, which I have no interest in. After lurking TRP and RPW, this helped me make sense of what was going on.

I was wondering if anyone has any guidance on the following. I feel completely lost in life right now, and any advice is much appreciated.

  1. How do you make friends with females? It is terribly difficult for me. Where would I find more RPW-type female peers?

  2. My career is going to be in engineering and my hobby is music. These are very male dominated. Any advice on how to get involved with this without any of the sex/hookup stuff getting in the way, or is it impossible?

  3. Any advice on how to start meeting potential boyfriends for LTR?

Thanks in advance.