I am so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this stuff, but I assumed that it would be the best place to ask, as this is an audience in which I can ask such questions without all the BP type hate.

I have recently stumbled upon RP, and in my reading about it, I have seen it written several times that it is better to be the #1 girl of an alpha, that to be the only girl of a beta. Now, every time I have seen it, it was written by a RPM, so I was curious to see if this is a thought that is also shared by the RPW. Is it common to have the understanding that as long as it is openly communicated, the First Mate's Captain can also be killing time with plates?
It makes sense to me, from a basic biology standpoint. But living in the world we live in, I have always been told that I am sad, pathetic, or 'brainwashed by the patriarchy', for feeling comfortable with the idea of being with a man that had other playthings, as long as I was aware of it, and as long as I was the one that had the place by his side, instead of in his black book. This is not to say my husband has any! But I am not opposed to it. So I guess I am curious to how you all feel about it.

Also, I am curious if many RPW also engage and enjoy DD with their Captains? Not necessarily in a physical manner, but in any way, I suppose. For instance, My husband has certain expectations that I know if I fail to meet, there will be consequences for. And there are a list of expectations that I police myself by, because I know that they are things that are too trivial to bother him with, yet are still things I know matter to him in a big picture sort of way. For example, if I miss a workout in the morning, I cut out my 'treat' snack (I am a sucker for a midday Mexican coke), and my evening glass of wine.

I am sorry if this is a jumbled mess. I have been trying to think of a way to word these questions since I joined, but I never came up with anything better than this word vomit. Thank you in advance!