Any woman with a triple digit IQ who devotes an hour or so to scanning the main redpill subreddit will quickly realize a few things:

  • TRP deliberately cultivates a harsh and critical tone towards women in general.
  • TRP deliberately teaches dealing with women in a ruthless and self-interested fashion.
  • These are not the result of a raw outpouring of uncontrolled anger, but instead a deliberate instructional choice by TRP's leading voices.

While the men of TRP have no need for women to understand the "why" of this (TRP tactics work regardless), it is very for valuable for women to understand why this is so... it yields insight into their own best strategy.

The basic method of TRP is founded on the realization that mating between men and women is governed by the balance between two corresponding instincts:

  • Women instinctively submit to, defer to, and obey men.
  • Men instinctively protect and care for women.
  • Each of these instincts, when expressed proportionally, tends to provoke the corresponding response in the other.

When these two instincts are both strongly expressed, a win-win interaction inevitably takes place... the woman is not brutalized or casually discarded despite her complete vulnerability, because the man's own instinct to protect and care for her restrains him, and the man is not exploited and vampirically sucked dry, because of the woman's instinct to defer to him and place his desires ahead of her own.

However, these instincts are not always expressed in balance. A woman who is submissive to a man who feels no urge to take care of her, or a man who is protective of a woman who does not submit to him, will end up being harmed.

When we understand this, we can see the reasoning behind the "tone" of TRP. It is a deliberate tactic for training men to suppress their protective instinct, necessitated by an environment full of women who are not submissive.

It is from here that we can realize a profound tactical implication for women who understand this. If the teachers of TRP must work as hard as they do to suppress male protectiveness even of women who are not submissive, how hard can it be for a woman who IS to activate that same instinct?

This, in a nutshell, is why RPW teaches submissive behaviour. It has nothing to do with tradition. It is not a religious law, or a moral obligation. It is simply the best move for dealing with any man who isn't severely damaged (how to identify those is a subject for another day). This is why "drawing boundaries" with your man, or "negotiating" with him "from a position of strength" may sound safe, but is a very bad idea. It is the decision to engage in conflict with the sex that is built for conflict, while in that very act sacrificing an incredibly potent advocate who lives inside his own head, past all his defenses.

The basis of any strong RPW strategy for navigating the risks of the sexual marketplace involves cultivating the ability to evoke this instinct in men.

This does not simply begin and end with deference or obedience, but rather consists of a whole host of behaviours calculated to draw the protective instinct out. It is, however, the willingness to behave in a submissive fashion to begin with that allows a woman to access, learn, and experiment with such strategies.